We ARE Identical!

Whether my sister and I are identical or fraternal came into question this past Christmas. I’m not sure how we got to the topic, but remember saying, “we’re identical,” my mom disagreeing, and one of my cousins loving the hullabaloo.

We quickly called my sister over and debated the question for a bit longer. My mother said she never tested us to check whether we were identical or fraternal.

Look at us as age 5. We look so identical, I have difficulty telling us apart sometimes. (I’m on the right. These photos were labeled.)

My sister called me after the holidays to ask about DNA tests. I suggested 23andMe. She sent in the test and we waited.

My husband predicted that we were half identical, same egg, different sperm.

Today, the wait was over.

We ARE identical. 100%

We share all of our DNA, except for two small segments on 3 and 16 are half identical.

We’re telling everyone!

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