About Julie L Bartimus née Hays

Julie L Bartimus
Julie L Bartimus, Naperville, Illinois

I started researching in 2003 and enjoy discovering new sources, understanding stories, and solving research problems.


  • DuPage County Genealogical Society, www.dcgs.org
    • DCGS Web Coordinator Since 2022
    • DCGS VP-Program 2017-2022
  • Chicago Genealogical Society
  • Illinois State Genealogical Society
  • National Genealogical Society
  • Polish Genealogical Society of America
  • Association of Professional Genealogists

Research Services

Contact me about research questions, organizational needs, and local Northern Illinois repositories for quick answers or quotes. I enjoy helping people tell their stories. Read more …

Hays Kinship Association

My goal for the association is to connect, support, and collaborate with researchers targeting Hays, Hayes, Hay, etc to find common and unique lineages. I currently have 42 Hays (1806-2019) and 18 Hayes (1817-1886) surnames in my tree. (As of 26 June 2020). You may think someone changed their surname. But, these are in fact two different lines in my tree. In building a space to collaborate, I am developing Anchor Ancestor profiles to highlight the “Anchors” for my Hays and Hayes lines.

  • View my Hays and Hayes blog posts using the Kinship category.
  • Contact me at Julie at Hayska.org.

Daughter of Hays

“Hayska” also means daughter of Hays and represents my personal genealogical research. My primary research projects focus on:

  1. Henry Hays (1808-1888)
  2. Tracing Polish ancestors
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