Research Services

Helping people tell their stories through genealogical organization, original research, and document retrieval. Contact me about research questions, organizational needs, and local repositories for quick answers or research quotes.

  • Perform research tasks in local depositories or library
  • Perform research and analysis to build or confirm family tree
  • Take pictures of tombstones from a local cemetery
  • Take pictures of local buildings or other landmarks
  • Organize research, genealogical information, and artifacts in a client’s collection
  • Formulate a research plan and conduct research based on a client’s genealogical questions

Email Julie at for more information.


Jump Start Your Family Research
Genealogy connects us to our ancestors. By researching our family history, we can share our ancestors stories with the next generation. Our family history also helps us understand the history of our neighborhood, the nation, and the world. This presentation will provide tools and strategy to get you started and effectively research your family.

Genealogy Lessons: Using FamilySearch to Effectively Search for Family
Many people are not using FamilySearch at all or only doing simple searches. But there is so much more. FamilySearch is one of the largest collections of indexed records and digital images. These Genealogy Lessons include strategies to effectively search the collections and case studies to demonstrate the instructions, and steps for putting the lessons into practice. FamilySearch is one of my favorite genealogy search tools and I want to share why.

Using a case study that started with a family artifact and a research question, presentation will show how connecting with DNA matches and analyzing research clusters can help develop your family tree. This session will not provide background in understanding genetic genealogy nor the different DNA testing vendors.

SMART Research Questions
Are your research questions SMART? Seeing the forest through the trees is how the phrase is commonly used. But, instead, we are looking for the trees, the leaves, the details within a forest of records. SMART questions can help you find the leaf on your family tree in the midst of the genealogical forest.

Contact me (Julie at if you are interested in scheduling a genealogy topic for your group or as an individual coaching session. Let me know if you are interested in a genealogy topic that you don’t see here.