Anchor Ancestor Henry Hays 1808-1888

Anchor Ancestors 1: Henry Hays

According to a family bible, Henry Hays was born on August 30, 1808, in Maryland. He married Sarah Eakle (8) and they had nine children together. He owned land in Washington County, Maryland. (10-12)

According to a biography of his son Josiah, Henry moved his family to Ogle County, Illinois in 1854. (7) After his wife Sarah died (Source: family bible), he then married Mary Ann Leighman on April 29, 1875, in Ogle, Illinois. (9) He lived in Pine Creek township (Polo) until he died. (14-18)

He died on December 19, 1888 in a tragic train accident, having lived a long life of 80 years. (1-7) His headstone is in Fairmount Cemetery in Polo, Illinois.

See the Anchor Ancestors 1: Henry Hays page for children, research questions, and sources.

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